An Nouraniya

Last update: 16 Sept, 2023

Learning method

An Nouraniya is a teaching method allowing children and beginners in the Arabic language to acquire a reading with a perfect pronunciation of the Noble Quran in order to prepare them for learning this one.
It allows you to master the Issues (makharij) and the attributes (sifat) of the Arabic letters to better know and master the tajweed of the Quran (the exact phonetic pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet).
In general we learn to read and write with a basic book, in a few weeks many finish learning the alphabet with more or less difficulty.
Reading in itself is not a problem, it just takes a lot of practice...difficulties appear when you go from reading simple sentences or texts to reading the Quran.
Is there an inconsistency somewhere? “He or she can read Arabic but she cannot read the Quran? No there is no inconsistency, why? Because reading the Holy Quran is different from reading a text in Arabic, there are precise recitation rules, there are essential elements to acquire in order to be able to read it (ex: extensions, twists, letters emphatic…”).
Mastering the rules of Tajweed is not an easy task for any Muslim, especially if Arabic is not their first language.
This well-known program, is therefore a basic element for students wishing to start learning the Quran, it has met with immense success throughout the world because of its effective and complete methodology.
Many Qaris (reciters of the Holy Quran) have used this program successfully. This method, known and recognized internationally, is very effective for those who want to learn to read Arabic and the Quran correctly.


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The luminous rules



he word an nourania comes from the name of the founder of this method, Cheikh Noor (hence the name, which means light, the Qa3ida rule or the light rules) from India, he invented this method.
It spread first to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa and other Muslim countries as well as countries with an Islamic presence for a hundred years
It began to spread in the Arab world from 1419H, 10 editions were printed from 1419H to 1426H.
His grandson Sheikh Mohammed ar-Ra'ee wanted to make him known afterwards by broadcasting it all over the world, he has been teaching tajweed for 20 years, 5 idjazza in Quran, he was a student of Sheikh Hudaify, he trained many reciters including Sheikh Abdullah Al-Awwaad Juhany, who is currently the Imam at Al-Haram Mosque in Makkah.


Qa3ida nouraniya comes in 17 chapters, it comes with a manual with text color coding, graded lessons, summaries, exercises, Tajweed charts and illustrations for Makhaarij
The Arabic script used follows the Uthmani font as Handwritten by famous calligrapher Othman Taha known for writing the intricate Quran Mushaf Al-Madina King Fahd
Among its benefits, it is a method that helps to correct and improve one's pronunciation, it initiates to tajweed since it contains more than 95% of the recitation regulations which anchors all the recitation rules of the Quran by verbal initiation with a less effort.
All words and phrases used in the manual are taken from the Quran only. It is the cause of ease and enjoyment of reading the Holy Quran to students and children. It is therefore a methodology suitable for learning the Holy Quran

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