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Apprentissage du Saint Coran

The Holy Quran

Holy book!

The Quran is the holy book of Islam. Its tradition presents it as the first work to be written in a clear Arabic language, an affirmation dependent on the notion of inimitability of the Koran. The Quran brings together the words that Allah revealed to the Prophet and Messenger of Islam Mahomed by the Archangel Gabriel. This revelation spanned a twenty-three year period. The Quran is sometimes called simply al-kitâb (the book) or adh-dhikr (the reminder). It constitutes one of the two parts of the revelation to Mahomed, the other part consisting of the so-called prophetic hadiths. Muslims consider it as a manifestation of a divine attribute, the kalâm (the word), which represents the ability of God to transmit to his prophets certain information relating to Tawheed, proclamation of divine uniqueness. and the central message of the Quran, to good and evil, to life and death, to heaven and hell, as well as to the laws setting the limits between lawful and illicit. In this sense, it is, for Muslims, the uncreated expression of this attribute of Allah addressed to the intention of all humanity, that is to say holder of a universal vocation, just like Jesus- Christ who is considered the Logos in the Bible.


The luminous rules

Best seller since the year 2016, The luminous rulers is a must-have for learning the reading rules (tajweed) of the Holy Quran. Available for sale online.

Les règles lumineuses


Our courses

Quran lessons

The courses given within our association are given by professors graduated from Al Azhar University, every day the groups of users follow one another in sessions of 1 hour each to learn the rules of reading the Holy Quran. For children aged 6 to 13, lessons start at 6:00 p.m. for beginners and at 7:00 p.m. for the higher level. For more information on the schedule and course prices see the Prices or Planning page. To register your child, click on the Pre-registration button and complete the form.



Memorizing the holy scriptures requires a daily effort from the student but also from those around him (parents, brothers, sisters, etc.). Your Madrassa helps you set up a program for learning and reviewing the Holy Quran at home, by organizing your schedule and applying the advice provided by the association's support your child will develop very quickly..



Reading rules

Coming for the vast majority of users from a French-speaking environment, learning begins with the alphabet and the pronunciation of different sounds. Usually after three months the pupils can read and after a year they become independent in their reading of the Koran. The specific rules for reading the Koran are learned from the first sessions

Religious education


Along with Koran lessons, religious education on the foundations of Islam. Politeness, modesty, and good behavior Learning Fiqh (jurisprudence for children), worship such as abblutions, prayer, dikhr and du'a is provided to users over 7 years old.

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